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       Fishing trips, one to lake Winnibigoshish and several to Big Sandy Lake have been taken.
        A trip is in the works for the Canadian border country for walleye and grouse and several more day trips to Big Sandy will be taken before then.
         Did okay on Winnie and usually do good on Big Sandy. The local lakes have been kicking out some great
         panfish with plenty of big sunnies and crappies being caught. Northern action on the local lakes has been
         steady with these cooler than normal temps we've had lately.
         Here's a nice 36 inch pike I took in late June on a local lake.


Gunner my dog, checking out a bucket of walleyes I caught on one of my day trips to Big Sandy Lake.


Walleye fillets, baked in a corn bread/garlic coating with fresh herbs from the garden. Awfully Good!


             A nice belt fish towel. Aikin County boat access monitors are giving these away

             this summer after you've had your boat inspected. Very nice.......


Lots of summer left, lots of lakes to fish..............!