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Won't be long now, I still have lots of canned and frozen veggies and fruits from last year, better start eatin em up!


Welcome to Rush Point Minnesota

I have a small farm overlooking  Alexis Lake. I enjoy the outdoors and raise a few critters.


The picture below is how it looked when I first arrived, the entire property was just a big open field.
Over 8000 trees have been planted and five additional buildings have been built.

Many of the local farm kids, myself included, all played and fished on Alexis Lake while growing up,
after chores and on weekends it was one of our playgrounds. I believe there are at least three ship
wrecked rafts lying on it's bottom from our Huckleberry Finn days and many winter days were spent
skating or playing endless games of hockey.  The hill on it's north side was the best sledding hill for miles.
Often our parents had to come by and honk their car horns to remind us to come home.





Area History and Events

I'm one of the founding members of the Rush Point Historical Preservation Group and we are affiliated with the North Chisago Historical Society.

We started out in 2014 meeting at area farms and began gathering local historical documents and photos. In 2015 we held our first

all-class reunion at the Rush Point Town Hall for those who attended the three local one room school houses which closed in the late

1950's. Our historical artifacts can now be viewed at the new museum we helped to create with others in the town of Rush City, located

east of Rush Point. Stop by there and see it sometime, it's pretty interesting and one weekend a month you'll find me there to greet you!

For hours visit:  http://nchsociety.org/ and thanks!


Calvary Lutheran Church of Rush Point also offers events such as great dinners several times a year and plenty of youth orientated

activities. They recently opened a new youth center and are expanding youth orientated activities as a result. The Church parsonage was

the location of the first general store in Rush Point and was followed by a bakery at a later time. The parsonage is over 120 years old and

myself and others in the area are in the process of renovating it in 2016/17.  Contact the Church or myself if you wish to visit or utilize

their facilities. Contact information and events as well as day to day activities are posted on their website at:  http://my.calvaryofrushpoint.org/ 

Sign up for their weekly newsletter if you want to stay informed of their activities and offerings! They are also on Facebook.


My hobbies related outdoor organizational memberships include: Ruffed Grouse Society, Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever

Introduce a kid to the great outdoors!